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Hardcover book, 44 pages, language German, 21,5 x 1,5 x 30,2 cm, first publication 2010 by Salonverlag, Cologne. Philosophical painting for children, childlike metaphysics for adults, book art, art book and co(s)mical children’s book in one.

The Ulivogel on his journey of life. The goal is the opening into another world, which also becomes quite real in this book. In four years, the painter Ulrich Moskopp created a children’s book for all lovers of book painting, i.e. for 0 to 123 year olds. With this lovingly “illuminated” picture book, the internationally exhibiting artist is addressing children and young people for the first time. But also their parents will appreciate the charm, chiseled in the most intense watercolor technique, funny and friendly protagonists. Together with the red male and the blue girl, the Ulivogel discovers the destination of the goals.

About the content:

The Ulivogel sits on his branch and thinks of a great journey… He crosses the universe, flies past planets, observes stars and travels to foreign galaxies. He even discovers a white hole through which he reaches a new world. Here he presses a red button and so the colors come into the world. He meets a red male and a blue girl and so friendship enters the world. Together the journey continues and it will not be the last new world that the Ulivogel will travel: A hole is punched in the cover of the book, through which the three friends can fly out.

The book has been realized elaborately and with great attention to detail. For example, special emphasis was placed on a natural paper that gives the pages a beautiful and pleasantly “grippy” character. The punched holes that appear surprisingly in the book and on the cover catapult the story into new dimensions in each case. The text placed at the beginning helps to learn to read the story through its images.


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